Ida Peťková, Ph.D.

workshop facilitator, coach, mentor, psychologist

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“I have a Ph.D. in psychology and I have been working as a leadership coach, mentor and workshops’ facilitator as well as leading teams in the Czech Republic, India, USA and Ireland for more than 15 years. My long-lasting passion is helping new people managers succeed quickly in their roles and grow into strong leaders.”

Ida Peťková

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What my clients say


Suresh Menon

Senior Engineering Manager, Ooyala, Chennai, India
“Ida has a genuine and deep-rooted passion to help individuals as well as teams improve their leadership and communication skills.

The right leadership culture at every level is critical to the success of any organisation. It helps channelise the collective skills of its employees to produce great results for the company.

It is in this critical aspect of leadership development that Ida’s skills and experience can make a huge difference.”

Wendy Shepperd

VP Engineerig, AllClear ID, Austin, Texas, USA
“Ida is an impact team player and earnest collaborator across the organization! She provides creativity and passion to transform individuals and teams to be the best they can be and is especially adept at leadership coaching and development. During the time we worked together, Ida implemented several new leadership development programs and helped many leaders through challenging personnel situations. She was a great help to me personally as well.

I highly recommend Ida and would happily work with her again!”

Lukáš Sochor

Start-Up Founder, Brno, Czech Republic
“Ida opened the doors to a new direction of my life through coaching that made me realize what I really want to do and what my purpose is.

She also helped me identify the steps I need to take to move forward.

I can also recommend her as a consultant, if you want to move to the next level at work.”

Radim Keseg

Development Manager, SAP, Brno, Czech Republic
“I have been through two training sessions lectured by Ida. Communication and feedback techniques were accompanied by examples from real-life situations, which created an even better “AHA” effect. We were also able to practice these techniques by role-playing with a subsequent reflection on them. Ida provided us with answers to questions about how to communicate more effectively in the situations we had previously encountered. She initiated discussion and offered suggestions for possible solutions where needed. The combination of theory and practice was balanced and contributed to our concentration and success of her training.”

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